The Carville Annex is run by Sarah Fontaine, Katherine Fontaine, and Alexis Petty.

The Carville Annex began in 2009 as an art gallery interested in new site-specific works and has since evolved into a venue for a monthly lecture series, a small press, a quarterly magazine, and storefront which houses books and a line of stationery.

We work by having conversations, asking questions, seeking new information that leads to more compassion and understanding. By calling our work ‘art’ sometimes and sometimes not, by disbelieving the lie of capitalism that says ‘success’ only occurs at the expense of others, by reading, by writing, by sharing, by risking vulnerability, by showing up at protests, by showing up to build and cultivate for each other, by writing letters and jumping in the ocean. We work by acknowledging our resources, by transforming and transferring our resources, by stacking functions like in permaculture, by remembering people in prison, by remembering people who have worked before us and people who are working now alongside us, by taking cues from baby dolphins, by hollering about the genius that surrounds us, by partying about moments of arrival, by never losing sight of the work left to do, by remaining uncertain about how to proceed and proceeding anyway, as bravely as we can.